Hello and welcome to my website, I’m Olivierr, a French Street artist based in London, UK. I predominantly paint photo-realistic Street art portraits with a mix of Black and White stencil-like pattern, as a personal style. However when I work for my clients, it can vary quite a lot, depending on the projects, events, adverts and more. My murals have evolved over the years and are a blend of my clients’ requests and my own input. I’m always painting, to make sure I remain quick and efficient while working, but the timescale of a piece is often dictated by the client to fit the event or project.

As a self employed artist, things are very easy. You’re dealing with me directly, no middle man to slow things down, resulting in fewer emails and a simpler process. That being said, when a job requires more than one person, I know a lot of artists worldwide to join forces with. After working in this field for 2 decades, one tend to know what will possibly go wrong ahead of times and how to fix problems and anticipate them.

Most of my work is done with spray cans, but I also use acrylics, marker pens, airbrushes, and other types when necessary, for example when the fumes would be an issue.

Even though I primarily paint Custom murals, I also work on paper and other materials, for shows and private collectors. If you would like to commission a mural or an artwork you can contact me here: info@olivierr.com

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