Welcome to my lessons page. I’m still editing it so bare with me, but this is the place where I’ll put free tools, links to videos, and other tips.


The true CMYKW colour wheel.

Each colour has been selected accurately by number on photoshop in CMYK mode.

You can download each wheel:

Colour wheel #1
Colour wheel #2
Colour wheel #3
Colour wheel #4

My tracing Grid

Here is my grid that I use when tracing an image before painting it on a wall or canvas. Each square is devided into 16 “imaginary” squares. I have videos available on YouTube on how to use a grid.

Click here to download grid here.

Video tutorials

I have some videos on YouTube showing you all the tips and tricks you need to improve your painting skills! It’s all free and hopefully you can learn something through those wether you are a beginner or an experienced artist.

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