NO MORE “social” MEDIA

That’s it! I wanted to do it for a long time, and after taking a 3 months break from instagram I went back to it. This time however, I deleted my primary account olivierrig and my backup olivierroubieu so no going back to that rubbish. You know I talked to a friend of mine and I said to her I’ve been sitting on 4000 followers for more than a year, and I said you have on 6000. She said it has been like that for 3 years. And as you know, I’m not looking for fame and fortune, so I’m thankful God gives me some interest to my work, but gathering followers is not the end goal. But on a purely business side of things, this is the ONLY reason I joined Facebook then Instagram, if my audiance is not growing or decreasing regarless of the content I upload, take down, then what’s the point? As I said before, I did a job in the Philippines because the lady saw one of my posts reposted on instagram, which I ended up doing for the experience (The job was free but they paid for the flight, accomodation, cans, taxi, restaurants, I mean, wow, what a treatment I had from these very very nice people). But as far as ROI (return on investment) I’ve been on insta easily 5 years if not more and I’ve only had 1 job/experience! And let’s not talk about Facebook, that I advertised with (costing me £700, then them deleting one or 2 of my pages (bodypainting at the time)) and got to paint a pair of boots for £35. The first rule of investment is: protect your investment. But when your investment is just that: an investment, with no return, it’s time to Go!

So from now on, I will be focusing on my Blog, Youtube and the Streets to do my work. More time for me, more time to show my work, my tips and tricks, everybody wins.

If I realise that Youtube is also taking too much of my time and not giving me enough back (it’s tricky with Youtube because it’s also my custom TV and I teach people on it, so it’s not just about me) then I will leave and focus my energy elsewhere.

Thank you for reading, see you all soon.


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